Mobile Transformation Of IBM Maximo

Maximobile helps you transform your IBM Maximo into an easily usable mobile application. It consists of Maximo management plug-in and native mobile applications.

Mobile Enabled IBM Maximo

Maximo applications are in your smart phone, without the need for extra development in mobile applications or Maximo.

Features Of Maximobile

Fully IBM Maximo Integrated

Maximobile is a Plug-n-Play IBM Maximo compatible product. It works with Maximo by applying security restrictions, business processes, workflows, change status based applications, asset management and attachments.

Supported versions: Maximo 7.0 or greater.

Dynamic Mobile Application Management

Maximobile Mobile Enabler Plug-In can change mobile application features and configurations instantly without any development or distribution on mobile application. You can enable new Maximo applications on mobile or create custom restrictions just for mobile.

When Maximo applications or workflows are updated, you don't need to do any development for mobile. Maximobile handles everything itself automatically.

Flexible Mobile Enabling

You are able to make specific phases of a Maximo application mobile-reachable. For example, you can make it mobile-accessible with conditions such as when it is in the approval stages, or assigned to certain teams. The possibilities on conditions are endless.

You can customize and tailor mobile-accessibility depending on your needs.

Empowered Mobile Application

Create & Update Records

Users are able to create or update records with mobile devices via Maximobile, provided that the user has these credentials on Maximo.

Initiate & Route Workflow

Users are able to start a workflow when an object is created through the Maximo interface or Maximobile. Also route workflow or change status of a record if user has these credentials on Maximo.

View Assignments & Requests

Maximobile lists active assignments and requests of user. Users are able to view details of records.

Upload Photo & Drawing Attachments

Users are able to add doc, photo or drawing attachments to a record via mobile application, also view all Maximo supported attachment types on mobile.

Barcode Scanning

Asset items are easily operated by scanning the barcode of an item when dealing with every asset-related application such as moving and swapping.

Push Notification

When a record is assigned to user, immediately receive a push notification about that assignment on mobile.

Native Applications

Maximobile mobile applications have been developed with the native languages of each platform. It supports iOS 9.0 and Android 4.2 or greater.

Real Time Connectivity

Real-time Maximo connectivity enables users to make sure their records are up to date with Maximo.

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Using for Work-orders, Inventory Usage, Inventory Audit, Periodic Maintenance

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